Why Write? to meet a NEED


February 1, 2013 by bradcharlesbeals

homeschoolI’m going to change gears for a stretch.

Over the past few years I’ve written almost a quarter million words of fiction. I’ve enjoyed the long format of the novel. It keeps me focused. I’d like to see if I can maintain the same focus with a non-fiction topic.

I’m a public-school teacher who home schools his kids. My wife is a former public school teacher (better in her day than I’ll ever hope to be) who now home schools our kids. And I think we’ve been doing it just long enough and just well enough that we have something to say.

So my 4th reason for writing–again, these are purely personal–is that I see a need to be met. Not the need for another why-you-should-home-school book, but the need for a particular kind of tool for those considering homeschooling.

One of the biggest obstacles to making the leap into this lifestyle–and that’s what homeschooling is–is meeting the objections of those closest to us. “Breaking the news” to Dad who’s on the school board or to your teacher friends can be daunting. You know your reasons. You’ve researched and thought and prayed, but you’ve probably been there too, on the other side. You know the resistance you’ll meet. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something simple and readable to put into their hands? Something that simply lays out why homeschooling is not crazy.

So that’s my niche: a simple, objection-meeting primer on homeschooling.

I could break this “why” down into 3 parts: 1) because I can write this; 2) because the objections can be met head on; and 3) (most importantly) because people need it.

One thought on “Why Write? to meet a NEED

  1. This sounds like a great idea! Do it!!!

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