A Twitterverse Wasteland

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March 6, 2013 by bradcharlesbeals

A few months ago I opened a twitter account. My thought was that I’d jump start my blog activity and book sales by sending out useful stuff. I worked hard, and pretty quickly built up a following of a couple thousand “twitiots.”

Not bad, huh?

Well. . .

Twitter may be useful and fun in other contexts, but for a writer looking to build an audience, it’s a utter wasteland. 9 out of 10 tweets sound like this: “Check out my new novel at Amazon and please like me on FB. Please!” The 10th is an invitation to an “event” (where you can get their new novel at Amazon and like them on FB). The atmosphere is about as cooperative as the waiting room at an American Idol audition.

I don’t know what I expected. I think I was hoping some order would rise out of the chaos, that enough frantic activity on the production side would reach a critical mass and translate into demand for books. Like if I rubbed the bottle long enough, a genie would come out and say, “bestseller!”

There’s no genie, Brad.

I’m ruined for Twitter now–and maybe the whole social media marketing scene. It just feels smarmy. I think I’ll stick to writing fiction and let the word-of-mouth stuff happen by. . .well, mouth.

That’s funny. I’ll have to share that on LinkedIn.




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