Rock Band Names from Emily Dickinson

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March 13, 2013 by bradcharlesbeals

emilyYears ago when my wife and I went a’courtin, I bought her a collection of Emily Dickinson poetry. If she read it at all, it was only out of politeness. She wasn’t into poetry.

But in the time since, I’ve come to find it a faithful book–every time I open it I’m surprised.

Here are a few ways…

1. She catches thoughts that I would have no chance at:

Could mortal lip divine

The undeveloped freight

Of a delivered syllable,

‘T would crumble with the weight.


Now, I know what she means, but I couldn’t say in a few hundred words what she does here in 16.

2. She’s practical:

Is bliss, then, such abyss

I must not put my foot amiss

For fear I spoil my shoe?

I’d rather suit my foot

Than save my boot.


As fashionable as the hoodie may be, I choose to wear one every day because I’m bald (I’d rather suit my head). It sounds like Emily would agree with me.

3. She’s wise:

Who has not found the heaven below / will fail of it above.


Or this: Wisdom is more becoming viewed / At distance than at hand. 

So True.

4. She has a wit that bites:

He preached upon “breadth” until it argued him narrow…/ And of “Truth” until it proclaimed him a liar.


5. She’s as concise as a Madison Ave copy writer:

Commenting on the fate of a ship lost at sea, E.D. writes,  Ah, Brig / Good night / To crew and you. 

That gets to the point.

6. But mostly she’s a great source for band names. Check these out:

The Pelting Rubies

Public Frog

The Fainting Robins

Gag the Tick

Obtrude No More

Smitten Rocks

Element of Blank

The Vellum Heads

Starkest Madness

Handled with a Chain

Soul Society

Expound the Skies

The Surge

Brain Groove

Imps in Eager Caucus

The Reticent Volcanoes

Mystic Mooring

Thing with Feathers

Subtle Glutton

Chalk The Sun

The Pebble Smiles

Reflex Holiday

Groped Delirious

The Torrid Noons

Hundred Drums

Soul Steeples

Life and Death and Giants

Life’s Low Venture

Purple Traffic

Rumor of Delirium

Velvet Masonry

Brooding Butterflies

Imperial Affliction

The Blond Assassins

Caravan of Sound

Mermaids in the Basement

The Pigmy Seraphs

Zero at the Bone

Meteor of Birds  (Bird Meteor?)

Into the Beautiful

Wreck the Sky

The Wizard Suns

Dark Parade

And my favorite:  The Electric Moccasins

Anybody want to start a band?

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