Old dog, new trick

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June 27, 2013 by bradcharlesbeals

old dog
I’m an old dog who hates new tricks.
Now, that sentence has two distinct propositions, one of which is fixed, the other is fixable.
I’ll never be a young dog again. I think I get that, and I think I can be ok with that.
But hating new tricks is a response that I choose every time I’m faced with having to learn one.
I’m an old dog, and that’s reality.
But hating new tricks or receiving them as challenges or even liking them are all well within the realm of possibility, despite how old I may be.
This post is a good example.
I’ve resisted moving from the traditional block paragraph of most written text to the choppy, mobile-device-friendly text of the modern blog.
It was a new trick that I needed to learn, but I let my old-dog-ness stubborn me from it.
No longer.
See what I’m doing?
Paragraph breaks between sentences.
Between phrases.
Between individual words.
I’ve learned a new trick.
I pushed past my own stubbornness.
I’ve killed a sacred cow.
And I have to say it feels pretty good.
Old dog.
New trick.

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