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July 1, 2013 by bradcharlesbeals

When it comes to website navigation, seniors are nearly twice as slow as the 21-55 demographic. However, their growth potential is nearly ten times that of younger users.* It makes sense–the youngers are here already, but seniors continue to join the party fashionably late.


  • For websites targeting senior demographics, design and information architecture must reflect slower user navigation and consider such limiting factors as visual acuity and dexterity.
  • Signposting and propositions of identity and value must still be clear.
  • Content must be simple and intuitive without being patronizing.
  • Because seniors tend to have a higher read-to-scan ratio, more copy is acceptable; but be careful–screen clutter is one of the highest reported detractors in user experience for this group.
  • While usage is up, e-commerce purchases and other high-value business transactions are still flat. That will change as user proficiency improves.

If seniors are among your target users, and if you plan to capitalize on this hottest of growth sectors, then your website content needs to accommodate them.

And how’s that going?

*For more, see Jakob Nielsen’s Seniors as Web Users.

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