Here, In-Between

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September 11, 2019 by bradcharlesbeals

Image result for in betweenI’ve just finished the third installment of my ____ trilogy. (Yes, I need a name for the set. Suggestions are welcome.) I’m calling this one Book of Waters. It’s about books, and there’s oceans and oceans of water. There’s a lot of sand too, but that didn’t make the title cut.

A few thoughts on being here in this weird place between novels…

1) At least I think it’s a trilogy. It’s easy now to say that I’m done with it, that the story’s told and I can move onto something else because the work of it is still fresh on me. I’m still sticky with writer’s sweat. But I don’t know for sure if I’m done.

2) What I do know is that I’m already restless to be working on the next novel (no ideas yet as to what the next one might be – just a craving for that work), and I’m having trouble shifting my efforts to this other mode of writing labor: marketing.  While writing feels like dominion work, marketing my writing feels like toil, like sweat-of-my-brow toil. But like any toil, it’s ordained. I just need get to it done. I need to plod.

3) The author of a novel is always in the worst position to judge its value, as he cannot approach the story in any state of unknowing. Anticipation, curiosity, wonder, suspense — all are cut off to him and to him alone.

4) This is my first post in over a year. I’d like to say that I decided to neglect this out of deference to my first commitment of novel writing, but I can’t. I just forgot. But hang on… I do think I forgot about blogging because I really was so focused on the novel. There was no time for pondering lesser matters of the craft. So yeah, maybe I have neglected it as a necessary effect of a higher calling. Yeah, I like that. I forgot, but it was a noble forgetting.

5) I want to find a publisher not so that I can sell a bunch of books but so that I don’t have to think about cover material. Cover art and back matter make my head hurt.

6) Thought exercise: Is it a sin to murder (in your heart) someone you invented?  Because I’ve never wanted to kill off a character like I wanted to in Book of Waters. I think it was a righteous anger, but then, my flesh is weak.

7) I find myself wandering the house lately, like I’ve forgotten where I am. I walk into the school room and sit down at the computer and then get up and wander off… These are not lengthy episodes – our house is too busy for that – but they are frequent. I feel like a soldier on leave…awaiting orders.

8) Forgot about Nathan Pritchart in Blood Bound. I wanted him dead too.


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