The Book of Waters

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February 5, 2020 by bradcharlesbeals


The year is 2183, and the world of man has come back from the brink of ruin. Plague is just a memory, and cities are booming. It is the dawn of a second modern age.

But Billy Mench is suited for none of it. At 13 years old, he is a prodigy – an accomplished linguist and master of the classics. But for all his ability, the world outside his door is a terror. Books are his only friends, and when his father dies, Billy is cast loose on the streets of old Charleston, alone.

But Providence is at work, and Billy soon finds himself on what will be his life’s great adventure. Indentured to an eccentric visionary, on an expedition to distant oceans, Billy stumbles across an oddity: a strange manuscript in an unknown tongue. Over the next year he’ll survive a passage around the Horn and win the hatred of a killer, but nothing will compare to the danger of unlocking the Book of Waters. It will threaten not only his life and identity, but the very world as he knows it.

In The Book of Waters, darkness – in the heart and in the world – is displaced by light. It is the story of God’s word continuing to accomplish what it was sent out to do: to build the Kingdom, to disciple the nations, to upend the world of man.

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