Over the last few years, I’ve shifted my efforts toward writing fiction, but I’m still available for copy-writing or editing work. 

The following is a list of corporate websites for which I either originated copy or edited existing copy:

IDP Solutions… https://www.ipdsolution.com/

DNA Software… http://www.dnasoftware.com/

Denenberg-Tuffley Law… http://www.denenbergtuffley.com/

AIN Group… http://www.aingroup.com/

d.Diversified Services… http://www.ddiversified.com/

Medical Management Systems… http://www.mmsm.com/

Brix Corporation… http://brixcorporation.com/

Saint Clair Systems… https://www.viscosity.com/

C&L Ward… http://goclward.com/

Dakota Bread Co… http://www.dakotabread.com/dakotabread.com/index.html


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